How to spend less time on Instagram but still see results

Posted on August 20, 2021 Categories: Instagram, Uncategorized

Are you suffering from social media burnout? It’s a familiar story; you’re keen to spend less time on social media and more time with the family or simply out having fun, BUT…you don’t want to lose out on all the inroads you’ve made through your engagement.

What is the solution? Can you have the best of both worlds: a successful social media profile and a happy and fulfilled home life?

Yes. Absolutely you can. The trick is, as always, organisation. And here are my top tips on how to maximise your time spent on Instagram and still have time for a sanity saving cuppa at the end of the day. Enjoy!

Switch off when you’re switched off

There’s nothing worse than ‘technically’ having a day off and spending the whole time itching to check your Instagram, or suddenly remembering that you’ve not uploaded that all-important post.

To ensure that you’re ‘switched off’ when the app is switched off, you need a plan in place. Scheduling posts in advance is an absolute must. Have a mixture of carousel posts, reels and stories at the ready. Use templates for your stories. Plan out your strategy in advance and be aware at the start of each week exactly what you want to go live and when. Assign time for engaging with your audience, and most importantly give yourself a cut off time.

Hit the mute button

Let’s face it. Social media platforms were designed to keep us engaged and scrolling. If simply logging into your Insta-account fills you with a cold dread, have you considered the possibility that your landing screen is simply too cluttered? 

When was the last time you gave your social pages a spring clean? If you’re fighting through a crowd of accounts that you’re no longer really interested in when you’re looking to engage, what you’re really being is less productive. Saying goodbye can be tough, so if you’re not prepared to take that ultimate step – simply hit the mute button and free up your time for positive and productive engagements.

Get yourself a lead tracker

This can be as simple as a spreadsheet on which you keep a list of all your potential clients. Did you know you can find a tonne of these, ready-made online, saving you time and effort? These are perfect for those of you starting out in business and wanting to keep a track of your sales leads without having to spend on expensive software. If you want to go it alone, make sure your lead tracker contains all the essential information you’ll need to help cultivate a relationship with your potential future client. Your spreadsheet should include sections for:

  • business name
  • first contact date
  • type of business 
  • lead source (the means by which you found this lead such as Insta, phone call…)
  • contact details
  • last contact
  • status (have you contacted them yet, are you awaiting a response, have you set up a meeting, are they converted to a customer or are they cold)

Be sure to consider what service or product it is that you can offer them. What do you offer that would benefit them? When the time comes to make contact, make sure you engage with them on the basis of learning more about them rather than with the attitude and approach of selling to them.

As an Instagram VA, I can help you create, adjust and optimise your Insta strategy to save you time, so contact me today to see how I might be able to help you spend less time online whilst upping your Instagram game.

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