What is your engagement rate?

Posted on July 30, 2021 Categories: Instagram, Marketing

… and how to improve it

Your mind has probably jumped immediately to number of followers. We all remember when Jen Aniston broke records by accruing one million Insta followers in 5 hours and 16 minutes back in 2019. 

Actually, whilst hitting six figures in terms of followers is admirable, unless that mass following are engaging with your content, it means nothing. Sort of like having a terracotta army: looks impressive, not much help on the battlefield….especially when the cracks begin to show.

And they invariably do – if your army of fans are not the right kind of followers. Let’s stick with the military analogy for a moment. An army is successful when it is loyal and dedicated. What makes it loyal and dedicated? A belief in its cause and – most importantly – faith and trust in its leader.

Let’s break this down a little further. Betty, who runs a florist has 5000 followers. But how did she come by them? If she gained them by posting her account name in various Facebook groups and by not removing fake or dubious followers, ask yourself: are they loyal? Are they true believers? Are they even interested in what she posts about?

The short answer? No. Potential customers head to her page and note that she has 5000 followers. Looks like a successful bona fide account, right?  Maybe…until they realise that her posts are racking up perhaps 12 likes on average. Nobody’s commented. Something doesn’t seem right. The congruity just isn’t there. Spooked, the potential customer leaves. It just doesn’t add up. 

Engagement rate provides a measure of how well your audience responds to your content. Why is this important? It shows that you are likeable and genuine. That you have a warm audience who are interested in what you’re posting about. The semiotics naturally lead the customer to see you as providing value and quality content.

So – how do you improve that engagement rate? Here are three quick fixes:

Time your posts to suit your followers

Insta adores posts that rack up a flurry of engagement in a short timescale – and they will reward you by promoting your post to the top of your followers’ feeds. 

This means you need to finely tune your timings. Essentially, you need to post when your audience is most active. Pay attention to your followers’ online activity. Using your Insta analytics will give you a good idea of when the best time to post is.

  • Engage quicker with Stickers

Stories has revolutionised the way in which we interact on Instagram. Give your fans and followers an easy way to engage with your content by using Stories stickers. The stickers are easily found, on the top right of your screen when you click to create a new story. They are a great way to add variety to your posts – asking little of the audience in return.

  • Quiz Sticker

Ask multiple choice questions to your followers. A great way to gain more information on what they want to see from you in terms of content.

  • Poll sticker

A fun sticker – popular with brands. Gauge the success (or lack thereof) of your ideas and products.

  • Music sticker

Super fun way of communicating your message online, use the lyric function to communicate a sentiment or ethos to your audience.

  • Question sticker

Encourages your followers to ask you questions. Great for engagement as you get to share the responses in new stories.

  • Share statistics

Visually engaging, bite size and digestible – statistics are underrated! Infographics SELL. Take a look at Spotify, their data bytes telling listeners how many new artists they discovered per year is interesting, engaging and personalised. Think how you can do the same for your followers.

Need help boosting your engagement rate? For more top tips on how to boost engagement, DM me today – Insta engagement is my game. 

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