10 time-saving hacks for busy online business owners

Posted on April 25, 2020 Categories: Productivity, Time Management

A shortage of time is something many of us struggle with, especially when we work for ourselves. We then strive to work longer hours and push ourselves further, in an effort to claim back some of that lost time.

But it isn’t about working harder. What we need is to be smarter with the time we do have available – and that’s where these 10 time-saving hacks will come into their own. Not only will they help you save precious time, they’ll also help ease the stress associated with working for yourself and running an online business – so keep reading if you want to reap those benefits!
#1: Plan your day before you start it

Taking 5-10 minutes right at the start of your day, to plan what you need to do throughout your day. Not only will it enable you to clear your head, it will ensure you have a set action plan to focus on and to minimise wasted time.

#2: Use checklists and templates

These are the perfect time-saving hack! Whether you opt for creating a procedures manual or use simple checklists and templates – having your common tasks mapped out, ensures they’re always completed to the same standard, without missing any of essential steps. Business 2 Community share some advice on the type of checklists and templates you can use, in this article.

#3: Set a strict start time for your day

Having a non-negotiable starting time each day will ensure you’r making the most of your working day. And of course, it helps others in your home understand your working routine too – meaning less interruptions on their part!

#4: Turn off social media notifications

Get into the habit of working without distractions – it’s one of the biggest time-saving hacks! Establish a routine where you’re checking email and social media when you choose to – not when it interrupts your work flow.

#5: Work to a timer

Be aware of where you spend your time and how long tasks take you, by timing how long tasks take with a stopwatch. This will help you understand where your time is going, so you can plan more accurately.

#6: Learn to say no

Not only will this help you save time by avoiding tasks you don’t want to do, it will also help you to establish better boundaries with others. [If you want more advice on how to do this without it damaging your business or relationships, check out this article by Entrepreneur Europe.]

#7: Drop perfectionism

Opt for the mindset ‘done is better than perfect’. We can waste so much time trying to be perfect, when done was all it needed.

#8: Get the hardest task completed first

Avoiding hard tasks inevitably leads to procrastination. It’s far better to get the hard task completed first, so you can get on with the more enjoyable tasks on your list. Plus you’ll work faster, if you know all the tasks that are left, are ones that are easier (or more enjoyable) than the last!

#9: Batch tasks together

Grouping similar tasks together helps minimise the time spent, switching between different mindsets and different apps etc. You’ll be amazed at how much time it takes to switch between the different programs and apps you use.

#10: Outsource and delegate!

Outsource and delegate wherever possible. Not only does it free up your time, it will also free up your focus and your creativity. Outsource any task that doesn’t rely on your own personal expertise and/or skillset to get it completed, out to someone else.

A shortage of time is something many of us struggle with, especially when we work for ourselves. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By following the above 10 time-saving hacks, not only will you save yourself some time, you’ll also reduce some of the stress that’s associated with working for yourself – leaving you to get more done and freeing you up to enjoy your working day a little more.

And if you’re looking for someone to outsource and delegate some of your tasks to, why not get in touch? Not only will it help you free up your time (as per time-saving hack #10), it will enable you to have the time to focus on those business tasks only you can do – your own area of expertise. So let’s talk and see how we can help you save even more time in your working week.

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