3 tools that will help you get your business organised

Posted on April 25, 2020 Categories: Business Organsiation, Productivity

If you want to get your business organised, you need to do more than tidy up your office space. An online business needs systems and structures in place, to manage your business, the people in it and the results you’re getting – and that’s where tools and apps will help.

There are lots of online apps and platforms that can help you get organised, but you need to ensure the apps and tools you use, are helping you to stay organised in the 3 essential key areas of your business. Your finances, vision, and time.

So here’s 3 tools you need in place, to help you do that.

#1: An online bookkeeping app

Two of the most popular bookkeeping apps available for small business owners are Quickbooks and Xero. As an online business owner, you want a bookkeeping app that’s easy to use, intuitive, enables you to send and track invoices and can link to your bank feeds. If you’re a freelancer or contractor, it’s also worth looking for one that can track your time and/or mileage. Both of these apps have free trials, so take them for a spin and see which one you prefer.

#2: Your business plan

Your business plan is an essential document that not only helps showcase what your business vision is, but it also helps keep your business organised. It minimises the need for you to waste time wondering what your next steps should be. By laying out exactly what you want to achieve, you can ascertain where your focus needs to be and on what activities you need to be working on next.

[If you need help creating a business plan, the Gov.uk site actually has some good templates you can use: https://www.gov.uk/write-business-plan.]

#3: Project management app

Running a business invariably means juggling lots of different moving parts. Whether it’s people, tasks, deadlines or projects, a project management app will help you stay organised and on track. Popular ones to look at include DubsadoAsana, and Trello. They all have a different appearance and feel to them, but they also all have free trials, so test them all out and see which one most suits you and your needs.

If you want to get your business organised, you need systems and structures in place, to help you manage your workload and your business. The 3 tools above will help you manage your finances, your vision and your time – the three essential business areas that your entire business is built on. Manage them, and you’ll have a better more organised business to build on.

The 3 key areas of your business often include tasks that can easily be outsourced to a VA – and the tools above, help make that handover easy. If you’re not sure what type of tasks a VA can handle for you and how they can help keep your business organised, take a look at the different service a VA can do for you – you’ll find a list of them here: https://virtuallyaccomplished.co.uk/services.html

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