Using Instagram as an Introvert

Posted on July 25, 2021 Categories: Marketing, Uncategorized

“I came, I saw, I left.”

Are you an Instavert?

For those of us who would prefer to curl up on the sofa with a cuppa rather than rave away snapping selfies at the local boozer, Instagram can sometimes feel like a noisy, crowded space. 

Insta isn’t set up to reward introverts – let’s be honest. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not still an incredible platform for us to ply our trade in. So for all my fellow introverts, let me convince you how you can use Insta to your advantage…straight from your safe and snuggly sofa.

1. Focus on the 1-1

Working on a 1-1 level is great for relationship building. Happily, Instagram has a button for that: the DM.

Sending your follower a simple message asking to connect and asking what they need from you. Take the time to listen to their responses and be sure to keep the communication going.

2. Be real

The superpower of the introvert? We are great listeners. This attribute will take you far on Instagram. Your captions can help you to make these individual connections, but how do you know when someone is truly listening to you? Feedback. It’s all in the feedback they give you. 

When you get engagement on a post, hitting the heart button isn’t really a strong enough signal. Send them a reply. Or better yet, engage with one of their posts on their account. Make sure the response you give is genuine. If you’re complimenting their holiday photo, ask a question ‘is that Abersoch? I visited as a child!’ or ‘love your top, where is it from?’ rather than a disingenuous ‘great pics x’.

3. Reframe your thoughts

It all comes down to customer service. Try not to focus on what it is that you are selling, but rather how it is that you can best serve your customer.

What is it that your product or service is designed to help people people with? If you can focus on the way in which you can help transform your potential customers’ lives, Instagram suddenly becomes a pedestal upon which you can reach out and spread love. 

Ask yourself – what does social media success look like to you? 

4. Make time for social media…make time for you

If you know that the prospect of posting daily on Instagram makes you anxious, be strict and keep to a schedule of when you plan on engaging.

Pre-prepare your posts and schedule them to go live at points in the week, or simply allocate one dedicated day of the week to posting and engagement. If you limit yourself to one day, be sure to make it your best day. Take the time to share great content that will delight your followers and spend time responding to their engagements. Perhaps even consider setting up a separate time to engage with their responses.

Need a helping hand to emerge from your Instagram shell? DM me today for some reassuring tips and advice on how to make Insta work for you.

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