What Our Clients Say

“I have a 9-5 on top of my business and having limited time to engage was a serious problem.
I use Instagram as a key marketing tool for my business and being able to find my ideal client easily and use my time to effectively support the people who need my help most has been a game-changer.
I can only do that thanks to Jacy and the work she does engaging on my account.
On top of this – I am not a big fan of seeing what my competitors are doing but understand it is important for me to get my business out there and making the right connections. To minimise the anxiety brought to me by viewing competitors, Jacy supports me in making sure my time spent on those pages is minimised but effective.
She is a wonderful person to work with and goes above and beyond always in her role and keeps me up to date always which I appreciate
Thank you Jacy!.”
Hannah Engineer Your Mind
“I wasn’t posting consistently to social media – I was pretty hit or miss. Some weeks I would plan it all out and then not get around to posting it.
Jacy initially took the posting off my hands and now she has taken off the content planning too. It feels like a weight off my shoulders knowing that I have someone taking my marketing in control!
Jacy has really embraced my branding, testing different versions of posts and working with me to find the right look for my feed. She is very proactive with suggestions for what we should try next to boost engagement or get more comments which gives me a boost on our planning sessions.
It has been a joy to work with Jacy so far and I’m excited to see what 2021 brings!”
Alex Platt
“Jacy is a joy to work with. Totally reliable and efficient. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.”
Darren Strudwick
“I’m so grateful that my to do list no longer has to be completed just by me! Jacy steps in and helps out as and when I need the extra pair of hands. It may be a task as simple as writing a letter or setting up our online shop. She is an amazing find. Thank you Jacy.”
Bloomin Beautiful LTD
I really appreciated Jacy’s help to understand my “why” for social media engagement in my business. I started out with a vague idea of what I needed to do, but the picture became a lot clearer as we continued to work together – now I have a better sense of where everything fits in within my marketing strategy, which makes it easier to plan and carry out what I need to do!
Melsa Productivity
I’ve loved working with Jacy she is professional and has such a great approach to the work she does.
It’s been amazing to have her support in my business and she has helped to generate new leads for me which has been amazing.
I can highly recommend working with Jacy, she’s fab!

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